Friday, 22 June 2018

Your First Novel

Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitecomb with Camille Goldin

Divided into two parts, each done by one of the authors. So you are not trying to figure out who wrote what throughout the book. First is publishing by Ann and then writing by Laura. You would think it would be the other way around but they did it like that but it worked. There does have exercises in the book and has recommended reading. These can be helpful, can be used after reading the book. There is helpful information – using left and right brain situations, writing environment and doing research. They do talk about different types of books, points of view, structure and plot – since these things are different from what people write and the similarities they can have. But they do not go fully in depth about these topics. Other books and quotes are used as examples in the book to be used as an aid. It goes through the writing process and the publishing process. States that it will be heard, not everyone will have a lucky break. Resources are not put all together at the end so you would have to go through the book again to see a site or book resource.