Monday, 18 June 2018

Modern Guide to Energy Clearing - Barbara Moore

            This is a Llewellyn publication. It has three parts to it – chapters within each part. The parts are: spiritual and energetic well-being, personal care, and your environment. There is also two appendices – a sampling of blessings and serving the old mother. She goes through six terms that have a part throughout the book – energy and vibration being two. In the book at different points are 'taking note' exercises like journaling or seeing which clearing techniques are best for you. She goes through the different energy clearing techniques – talks about each one, even ones she has not used herself. But it is nice she includes ones she has not worked with or not really use for one reason or another. There are other topics as well like shadow work and curiosity talked about, not just clearing. Because it takes different things to do clearing.

            It is a nice book and for those who want a look at different techniques and not specific ones. This book can be an introduction to something that may work for you or not without putting to much time or money in one that does not work.