Saturday, 14 April 2018

How Women Rise

Brake the 12 habits holding you back from your next raise, promotion or job

Sally Helgesen
Marshall Goldsmith

Three parts and has author's note: the stories in the book are true, but many of the names have been changed. There are examples of cases – talks about different women and relates to the topic. It goes into different topics and some stories crossover to the topics. Some of the things discussed are stockiness, self-promotion, failing, faults and more. Each chapter covers the habit one at a time. Peer coach tips are placed in the book. The conclusion is the last chapter and there is a wrap up of the twelve steps.
I found it has its points and can be helpful to those who want a different take on business books and directed to women.

Key to Tarot Sarah Bartlett

Interesting images to go with the introduction and basics chapter. In chapter one there is an affirmation for accepting your choice. There is also writing about cleansing and accessing your intuition. For each, there are keywords which part of the basic setup for each card. You will have keywords, meaning and an activity along with the card. With the minor cards, it is quick to go through like other books and it starts with the suit as a whole than each card. Court cards are first and then ace up. For the selection of spreads chosen for the book, there are example readings. There is a glossary, further readings, and useful websites. It is another take on learning tarot and the exercises are a nice addition to learning the cards.

The Twelve Faces of the Goddess - Danielle Blackwood

Part one talks about astrology and magic (chapter 4). Part two talks about the goddess through the signs – it starts with Aries. Each has their own chapter (twelve chapters). At the end, there is a conclusion and a bibliography. It talks about the elements for a paragraph of each, modes and other point keywords. Points involving sabbats and ritual basics. Some pathworkings and rituals in the book. Also, there are recipes like oil or incense relating to the ritual. There is a one-page conclusion.
It was nice as a person who does not bring in astrology into my life. As I looked at it more for the goddess information/working.

The Witch Doesn't Burn in This One Amanda Lovelace

This a book of poetry. A lot of the poems are less than a dozen or two dozen words. The text is red. One poem per page. Some poems have very few words. Some are continuations of previous one. One is just scribbles on the page which I found cool and a little surprising but when you see the title you get it. Two pages have one sentence just repeated over and over again. It is part two of a trilogy she is writing. Not for the faint of heart and she mentions it in the beginning. I enjoyed this book and a quick read. I found a lot of other works of poetry it is about things happening in today's society and personal experiences.