Friday, 16 September 2016

Ludwig II

by the artist Higuri You, published by Kadokawa Shoten

three-volume manga, I have seen to have only found the first two on kobo, and number one through Chapters, a highly fictionalized account of Ludwig's love life. There are some historical accuracy to it like places, events and names. It is a good read, quick, and if you are a person who likes to read the more visual books like graphic novels and manga this may be one for you. Also if you are a person who likes to read historical fiction.

If you are a fan of manga you may like this because it does fall under that category. And you do not have to be a history buff or know that much or at all of Ludwig. Just be aware like I said before – it does exaggerate his love life. For it is a part of his life we do not much about and may not fully know unless we get first hand accounts/reports of it. I wish I copied the website, but there is one where you can read it all online.

The Mad King: the life and times of Ludwig II of Bavaria

Greg King, 1996, A Birch Lane Press Book, Published by Carol Publishing Group, N.J., USA

On the cover it does say “The Mad King a Biography of Ludwig II of Bavaria.” In this book he talks of the people (ex. Parents, governess, aide-de-camps) and surroundings (ex education, summer excursions) that made him who he was from early childhood into his later years. In some cases of how these made him “mad.” As well talks of what the people were doing at the same time of his life and how it mixed.

The book is more descriptive than the other books listed above. It does goes in chronological order in short chapters. Quick and easy with quotes integrated in, whether a sentence or a full quote. There is almost like story writing. Some photographs are in the book – all in black and white, could have been in colour.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Candle Colour - Pink

Planet:VenusDay: FridayEnergy: FemaleUsed for: Love from the heart without sexual connotation, purest form of love, raises vibrations, love without selfishness, feminine, spiritual healing, banish lower vibrations and hate, love of friends and family, affections, unselfish emotions, to start a relationship. Harmony and friendship with people, binding magic, honour, love, morality, compassion, relaxation, peace, romantic, emotions, affection, caring, nurturing, planetary good will, success, charm, conquers hate and evil, understanding, gentleness, friendship, overcomes anger.

Promotes romance, standard color for rituals to draw affections, service, brings friendly, lively conversation to the dinner table, draws forgiveness for others, from others, from self. Helps heal the damages of abuse, accidents or trauma, allows for self love and self respect. Heals broken hearts, conquers discord.

As a lighter shade of red, it deals with spiritual, emotional love rather than the physical form. It represents love that comes from the heart that is freely given without condition, example emotions and feelings between parent and child.

Deep Pink - Harmony and friendship in the home
Pale Pink – Friendship, young females

Thursday, 1 September 2016

#selflovestories #selflovesept - Kelly-Ann Maddox

I make god's eyes, it makes me calm and distracts me. I put a lot of joy into these and one day finally push myself into selling them. To me they can bring people joy, protection and whatever colour that was used to make it. To me I have created something good to get my thoughts off the stuff that is in my mind (mainly emotional eating). Slowly I am making small moves to get over this hump. I only had one friend tell me that my gods eyes were cool/ the amount that I made.

Little by little I will sell my gods eyes when I push myself off that cliff.
I also was scared to make a YouTube channel, but I finally did it - I have as of writing this - 51 subscribers and happy for each one. I went to Samisspirit when she was witchotherocks, and she told me that I could/should but there would be trolls out there. I still am dealing with other things but putting myself out there - even if it is doing reviews on YouTube and what I am doing on my blog. I just hope my reviews and information helps people make a decision on what is out there.

Months ago I started lighting a candle everyday as a way to connect myself spiritually and I love it. Also I have switching products to more natural ones (beauty wise) and learning crochet – slowly getting it. Small things to make myself lovely.