Sunday, 28 August 2016

Candle Colour - Other Colours

Amber: Witchcraft-oriented symbol, development of ability, empowerment
Burgundy: half-way between the two colours, it tempers the passion of red with the practicality of brown. Use for magic related to determination, strength, and personal power. It resonates with blood, and helps in grounding and bringing your passions to fruition.

Copper: money (goals), (professional) growth, business (success), fertility, career maneuvers/growth, passion

Greenish Yellow: jealousy, anger, discord
Ivory (beige): similar meanings to white, but with a touch of earthy brown. It is good for Full Moon workings, initations, or you want an alternative to bright white. Because it corresponds to precious things like ivory, pearl, and cream, this colour is also used to attract and abundance. Neutrality, balance, harmlessness. Good just for meditation and.or prayer.
Peach: Reassurance, kindness, sympathy, granting others' wishes; (promotes) restoration and rejuvenation – since being a combination of pink/light red with orange. Confers a softness and gentleness, it is good to gentle help a person through ritual regain their vitality after a long, deliberating illness without over taxing the body system.
Teal: Balancing the practical and the spiritual, decision-making skills, achieving a level of trust with someone
Turquoise: Getting things in perspective, relieving stress, attaining control over matters that are out of hand, memory aid, finding logical solutions or reasons for problems, healing, prosperity, peace, growth, awareness, meditation, creativity, neutrality, and cancellation. Often used to represent the Goddess.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Candle Colour - Orange

Planet: Sun, Mars, Mercury Day: Sunday (best day to use it), Tuesday, Wednesday (both used with success depending on goal)Colors: Orange, rarely red, sometimes yellow Used for: Prosperity, energy building, attracts others in a positive way, property deals, legal matters, justice, selling, attracts success, adaptability, good luck and fortune; material gain, to seal a spell, attraction, encouragement, stimulation, energy. Builds energy, vitality and stamina, mental clarity, control, personal strangth, authority, power, sudden changes. Encourages fun and discourages laziness. Enhances mental agility, accompanied by the ability to take physical action toward a desired goal. Energizes the entire system. Promotes a happy-go-lucky appearance.

Also used for Gold, mental clarity, control, happiness, joyfulness, attracts luck and money, adds zest and adaptability, helps break out of the doldrums or a rut. For healing, gives needed energy, hopefulness, confidence.

It attracts the characteristics wanted from other tools, spells and rituals. Very good for healing coughs, colds and asthma as well as arthritis and exhaustion. Also used during Samhain.

Being a combination of yellow/Mercury (mental agility) and red/Mars (action-engery) it is the best of both, the energies of the actions with the intelligence to know how to use this action. Red is toned and tapered with the healing widsom of yellow that nurtures the system.

If used on Tuesday, the emphasis is on physical action. If used on Wednesday, it is on mental actions whereas Sunday is a balance of both.

Burnt Orange - Opportunity

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Candle Colour - Greens

Planet: Venus, MercuryDay: Friday, WednesdayEnergy: Female or MaleUsed for: Spells involving fertility, success, good luck, prosperity/growth, money/finance, rejuvenation and ambition, rituals to counteract greed and jealousy. Communication with the plant kingdom (darker greens) or fairies (pastels); stimulates plant life. Personal goals, harmony, employment, better business, creative ideas, rewards, bringer of love and renewal; beauty, independence, luck.

Use in conjunction with herbal healing techniques. Also, related to healing, used when regeneration is needed, to heal wounds when needed, eye problems, fertility and childhood growth, and healing after childbirth, headaches, cold, nervousness. Best used on Wednesday for healing.

An Earth colour, tree and plant magic, Mother Earth, associated a lot with North and Venus (verdigris is a green tarnishing of copper, the metal of Venus). A Goddess synbol. Green is and emotional soother and balancer, used to counteract greed and jealousy.

Be very clear in your intent regarding money sought with this color, when done with haste and no specific intent it seems to fade quickly or trickle in a little at a time. Used on Friday it gives an emotional healing (matters of the heart).

Avocado Green - Beginnings
Dark Green - Color of ambition, greed, and jealousy - it can be used to counteract these influences in a ritual. Is used for Beauty, Employment, Fertility, Healing, Success, Good Luck, Prosperity, Heart Matters, Money and Masculine Divinity. Use it to promote Taurus energy.
Emerald Green - Important component in Venusian rituals; attracts love, social delights, and fertility.
Greenish Yellow - Sickness; cowardice; anger; jealousy; discord
Light Green - Improve weather
Mint Green - Financial gains (used with gold and/or silver)

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Candle Colour - Gray

Planet: Moon Day: Monday Energy: Female and Male Colors: Gray Used for :To erase, cancel, neutralize and return to the universe without repercussion, to eradicate or jumble destructive forces, to attract neither destructive nor constructive energies to your life (this includes people and situations).

Neutral color useful when pondering complex issues during meditation; in magic, this color often sparks confusion; it also negates or neutralizes a negative influence. Gray can be used to neutralize anything from a magical act that not longer serves your best interest, to neutralize destructive energies in a passive non-karmic fashion.

neutralizes stress, negativity, lessens the impact of mistakes, represents Silver. As a combination of white and black, it is used to get rid of negativity, cleanse unwanted energies, break a spell of bad luck, and exorcisms. Silver gray can help understanding and work with karma and past life recall. Eases guilt. As a balance of black and white it absorbs and repels. With this quality, gray draws in the undesirable energies and then sends them out to the universe for dispersal as neither a destructive nor constructive properties. Glamories; cancellation; stalemate

Neutral colour that removes negative energy or influences and encourages stability. Helps develop psychic abilities and attracts the influence of the Goddess.

Use it to promote Virgo energy

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Candle Colour - Gold

Planet: Sun Day: Sunday Energy: Male Colors: Gold Used for: Spells to attract the power of cosmic influences, and rituals to honor solar deities, to heal and rejuvenate your being, to expedite money you know is coming to you, to impart energy and intelligence to take proper action in a monetary situation.

Attraction, persuasion, charm, confidence, wealth, money, happiness, promote winning, safety and power of the male, success, wishes, untuition, persuasion, charm, confidence, playful humor, healing

Colour of the God, can be represented by orange or yellow. The male half of the Cosmic or Universal Life Force. Gold has a higher vibration of orange and yellow and any one of the three can actually be used on Sunday (sun) with success.

Deep Gold - Prosperity; sun magick
Pale Gold - Prosperity in health

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Candle Colour - Brown

Planet: Moon (tan browns), Venus (all), Saturn (dark browns)Day: Monday/ Friday/ Saturday Colors: Browns, earth tones Used For: Spells to locate lost objects and improve powers of concentration and telepathy, protection of the familiars and household pets, ground and center your conciseness with the earth, to attune with trees and communicate with their intelligence, (to influence) friendships, (special) favours. The home (ex peace in the home), to attract the power of the cosmic influences, balanced colour, herb magic, neutrality.

For rituals of material increase; eliminates indecisiveness; study; increases financial success; stability, fertility, thrift, work, control, conquering, success in business, grounding, long term achievements, growth, determination, planting, spells that involve animals, friendship, hesitation, uncertainty.
To help bones, teeth, recuperation from chronic illness.

North direction. Earth energy, like black it represents Earth, also soil, trees bark and herbs, feminine in nature. Brown is one of the more complex colors, with varied associations.
It can be associated with Saturn for long term gains and family heritage.

Dark Brown - Invoking Earth for benefits
Pale Brown - Material benefits in the home