Sunday, 16 April 2017

Witch Season Review

If you or some you know that likes witch, Harry Potter, young adult types books – The Witch Season by Jeff Marroitte is for you. In this series, which consists of four books – summer to spring, we meet Kerry. She and her friends are in California and coming to a close of another summer awaiting another start of school. One night Daniel comes to their home wounded. By taking him in and helping him Kerry and her friends are pulled into a world of fighting witches. Who is right? His mother or the woman they accuse of being on the bad? In one year, Kerry is pushed into a short love, being on the run, death and dimension. Kerry will deal with not only the loss of Daniel, friends and a life she once lived in such a sort amount of time.
This series was sold individually – so four books, now if you want to buy in physical form you have to buy it in two books with two of the books in each. If you want it individually, there is ebook form on kobo. Even though the page count is around three hundred – do not be discouraged, the print font is on the larger side (not large print) for a quick read for younger readers. On some of the volumes you will see the series be called “Dark Vengeance,” but it will still be the same series.

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Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Creative Tarot

Another book review, for those wanting a little more creativity in their tarot.