Sunday, 24 June 2018

The Simplicity of Cozy - Melissa Alvarez

There is a total of eight chapters and lists the exercises at the beginnings – two per chapter. She talks about different cultural ideals of cozy (would give their word for it) like hygge and gemülichkeit. Not a long explanation for them but states them. She goes through the energy of coziness and makes own place for cozy. The cozy lifestyle – to cherish more, self-care and work/life balance. And goes into embracing silence and being aware of now. Also, she goes into spiritual and self-growth. Different things to do in your life and aspects of yourself and your world.
I found it to be a pretty good book overall. But there was one line in the book that I found odd and questioned it. I go further in my review video, but it was along the lines if you were someone who enjoyed a certain subject (history – check out the video to hear the sentence), you could not enjoy or grasp the concept she was pointing out. And I found it odd because I was part of the first sentence and like the thing, she said I would not enjoy. I think I am not alone in that aspect.