Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Hand Lettering Art Set and Project Book - Gabi Joy Kirkendall and Jaclyn Escalena

I got this as an ebook, if you get the physical copy you get the book, 12 artist markers, and drawing pencil. This book includes artist's tips and shows different types of fonts. It is not much and not the entire alphabet for that style. Each shows common style elements. Sows defining characteristics of the different types of typography – art deco and coastal are just two of the styles. Some show the history of the style and writing. It talks about the style as well, not just show you what the letters could look like. 3D techniques, flourishes, and other techniques are shown. The book is a good start off point if you want to branch out in your writing style or artwork or craft.

Get Money Kristin Wong

Instead of saying it is in parts, it is in stages. The reading can and most likely to go through all three stages. It is more of a personal finance book. Within the book, exercises/assignments are places for the reader to do. It gives space within the book where you can write in it. You do not have to write in the book but it is an option. On the website, in the introduction, states you can find the assignments and worksheets to print out, video tutorials and more. There are pro talk sections, different interviews with personal finance and behavioral experts. Has the end of chapter points. Talks about setting goals – like saving for a trip or paying off student debt. SMART acronym – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based. How this process can be helpful throughout the book and life outside the book. Also talking about frugal, budget, emergency funds, credit inquiries. At times the points are focused on an American audience but can be generally looked at by other people outside of America.

Fix Freeze feast Kati Neville and Lindsay Ahrens

A cookbook, one that is helpful for those who want meal plan a week or two in advance. Information about planning and prepping your kitchen. The recipe set is basically the same for each one. It states the ingredients, how to make, then to cook the freezer meal and on hand for cooking each meal and pack it up items. There are different categories of chicken main dishes, beef main dishes, beverages, and others. There are images of the recipes to show you what they would look like when you make them. Feast tonight meals – light colour background. Recipes have some information about an ingredient or authors history with the dish. The recipes do seem pretty easy to do so it is not that hard for people to do one day a week and bring it out later. Reference at the back and shelf life of the items. And there is a freezer inventory template at the back.

365 Ways to Live Generously - Sharon Lipinski

This is set up in weeks, week 1 to 51, not days like other books that have the same concept that I have read. I am used to the books going from January 1 to December 31. But this one takes the week approach. It will go week one day one and so on. In the books, each week comes attached with one of the seven habits the author stated at the beginning of the book. They are physical health, mindfulness, relationships, connecting with yourself, gratitude, simplicity, and philanthropy. On the day it will state the habit, a quote, talks about what it is that day, and practice. Most of the practice is journal work. This book is still just as interesting as other 365 books. It does make you think of you can do and do better. Some of the days connect to other days. It will be like, 'back on day 8...' or something similar to that. There is a year in review for each habit. Simplicity is divided into a few categories in itself. There is a charity evaluation worksheet. There is no conclusion, it goes straight to the table and sheet. The index is divided into the habits.