Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mini tarot decks

Mini tarot decks can be very useful in ones practice. Whether you are just a tarot reader or use it in some sort of ritual mini decks can, I believe, just as much impact as regular sized decks. Though the images are sized down it can still be a good deck and be good to do a reading. But if you have the mini deck in a regular size you know what the image is.

Mini decks are easier to carry in ones purse, briefcase, or anything you carry that a regular one will not fit or you do not want in. You can put a card in your wallet, if you do daily draws and want to carry it with you throughout the day. Also, if you are not ready to have other people know you read tarot a mini deck could fit almost anywhere. The size of these decks may be helpful to some because it may be easier to shuffle, but when you are reading for someone they may expect you to read with a regular sized deck – tell them adhead of time when using a small one. Again, the smaller decks are just as great as the regular sized deck.

You can find these decks in different place like a bookstore or online.

a small list of site to get a start looking at.

Monday, 16 May 2016

NOW ultrasonic USB Oil Diffuser

I got this diffuser to try it because having that natural scent can be effective and just to give it a try. To me candles will always be number one for me to connect on a spiritual level and to calm me but I wanted to give this a try, I did it for my wax warmer – which doubles as a (jar) candle warmer. It seems that I do not use these as often which is way I got a smaller diffuser.

The down side is that it is USB connected. At the moment, when I use it it is connected to my computer. And if you know anything – water and electronics don't really get along. It is just a basic diffuser just as a tester and to me on the lower end of cost, another point to why I got it.

The essential oils that I put into it work fine. The more you put in the more of the scent you will get. For water, it uses 70 mL and runs up to four hours. To me you don't need to run it for the full four hours or put that much water into it.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

from weebly to blogger

Hi, I'm Alexandra.

I have switched from weebly because it seemed to take awhile to view my site and put together posts and so forth. So now I am here on blogger putting out the posts and new ones that I had on there.

Here it is more easier to put out posts. Hopefully I will put out more

Happy readings,

tarot deck links

These are links to the decks I own and my reviews of them

I have gotten them ordering from Llewellyn or at a book store.

You can get them from or order form,,, chapters – site or store, amazon or any other bookstore.


the romantic tarot

the Llewellyn tarot

the robin wood tarot

harmonious tarot mini

gypsy witch fortune telling cards

universal waite pocket tarot deck

wheel of the year tarot

the rider-waite tarot deck

tarot of the new vision

crystal visions tarot

radiant rider-waite

universal waite tarot deck


fantastical creatures tarot

native american tarot

fairy tarot


mystic faerie tarot

Gods Eyes

Making God’s Eyes

It may seem like a craft to have a child do on a rainy day, school craft or camp craft. But I have found that making these to be therapeutic and calming for me. Also I am hoping to sell them in the near future. Yet I am all out of the chopsticks I like using and a good few balls of yarn waiting in a bin to be made into one of these hanging items. Each can mean one or more thing to a person, whether it is in the colour or that it is in the belief that it will bring strength and/or protection to the person, more effective if hung above a window or door.

To date I have made over one thousand God’s Eyes, which would account to under three and a half days if I had worked on these nonstop and did nothing else. I am proud I the work I did with them.

Also it is spiritual. Yes. To me it connects me to the goddess Brigid. I have found out recently that another name for these are Brigid eyes. But again the name and the craft itself has its own meaning to whomever owns it.

my channel

Right now I am hovering around thirty subscribers [September 2015] on YouTube and I am grateful. But it seems when I hit above that, that person unsubscribes. To me it hurts because there was something I did for them to do that. But I am staying strong, as much as I can, that the number may increase – even staying at 35 or a mention by someone who has more subscribers.

I was an email that I sent to samisspirit that made me finally open up my channel. I do mainly tarot deck and book reviews. I have a playlist on colours, that can relate to candle workings.

To me I think it is more that I use the webcam on my laptop and recently I have been using a microphone on a headset. I know that my voice on audio is not the greatest but I think that I am trying to get my opinion on a book or deck. I also try to points on who may or may not like the book or deck.

Right now I am not quitting YouTube, I think it is a way for me to say what I think because for me writing it down people who read it may get confused on my point.

[as of may 2016 - 44 subscribers]

Wax melts and warmer

I had got around July 2015 and I love it. It also acts a candle warmer, so it has two functions, I paid 16.99 plus tax. If I were to get them separately I would pay 6.99 plus tax for a candle jar warmer and then the seventeen for a wax warmer so it made sense to me to go the way I went. I have melted left over candle wax into melts, or used already melted Yankee Candle melts into a mold to use later – the scent is still there. Or pour the wax back into the container like the Ashland scents.

I am trying out molds, I have a pumpkin mold that does well and I have been using the squares from the Glade wax melts. Two molds that I have tried had a white residue on the mold and wax, so there was some reaction between the two.
It is also good to melt wax and make new candles, whether it is melts or the last bit of candle.