Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Plant-Powered Beauty

Amy Galpar, Christine Daigneault

The essential guide to using natural ingredients for health, wellness, and personal skincare with 50-plus-recipes

Part one covers natural beauty basics like labels, natural same as organic?, how skin works, etc. Part two covers the recipes like facial, hair, body and others. Has good information explained in a way that any reader can get without a science degree but not like you are five. The book does not go overboard with information. The sidenotes are where they put beauty tips – in both sections. There are a few charts about essential oils, carrier oils, butters and others. The recipes are set up like other recipes, some to most having additional information – relating to the product or ingredients, some personal. Beauty tips is how to use the product and other tips. Has resources for beauty blending ingredients (sites categorized). There is some notes, glossary, index and recipe index. It is nice that they out in two different indexes because if one wants a certain recipe the reader does not have to flip around in the first index if not wanting to.