Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Shadows of Wychering - Michael wigington

Young Adult Fiction

the story follows Lady Ameline Harsent in this fantasy novella set in the Corvarix Age. Ameline, Jaime and Morgan journey together to Wychering.  The night took Adien's daughter – red-eyed demons. Believing that there is magick at Wychering – why Ameline and Morgan are there to help with the dark magic. Ameline has Morgan help her to sense the magic. As troubles com their way in the forest, Ameline meets Frigga who helps her. She comes out surviving and a sort of happy ending that is for the story.

            It is okay, a decent read. If you like fantasy in the more young adult way – this could be a read for you. This is not a blow my mind kind of book or top of the list but is a read if in between books.