Sunday, 17 June 2018

Labyrinth - Tony Christie

This is a Llewellyn publication. Tony has stated to work with labyrinths for years. It looks at the labyrinth in all its active form. The book is composed of three parts: knowledge, experience and reflection. It goes into the two main types of labyrinths – the classical and chartres labyrinths. There is a few different excercises throughout. Te book is very informative and jammed packed with information. It does have a section talking about chakras and labyrinths. There is a reflection at the end of each chapter. He goes into different topics like Mithraic, alchemy, the four elements and more. Not a total beginner 101 book, only because there is so much information some may not fully wrap their head around it the first read, or first few reads.

            States the labyrinth can represent one or more journey all at once. For readers who want to bring labyrinths more  into their practice/life. Many aspects brought in to connect to labyrinths. This book like said earlier is jammed with information and a good resources for readers who enjoy the topic of labyrinths.