Friday, 12 January 2018

The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Discusses what is a green witch and green witchcraft. The book talks about energy centers and has tips to improving your home. There is a page on broom purification – if you have not or are not looking into greater information about brooms. Some exercises are placed in the first few chapters – in smaller font relates to that portion of the chapter. There are meditations and rituals. Part one and two are about learning and living as a green witch. Like the magic of trees and flowers (a brief introduction because I know that there are books that go in depth), stones, and herbs and greens. As well keeping a garden. Creating items/ rituals with items talked about in the chapter – herb related, a broom balm and stepping stones. In the appendix there is the magical associations of natural items – quick and few associations.

Nice look at Green Witchcraft, it is not fully complete but many things into one book which is nice. It is a good introduction. Even with the subtitle does state it is your complete guide. It is pretty complete to the things and ideas of Green Witchcraft. It can be a connection and start for some readers, possibly first book/ introduction to the practice than other books.