Sunday, 7 January 2018

Million Dollar Website by Lori Culwell

She uses a fictional client as an example throughout the book to show what she's talking about. She has a list of what makes a good and bad website, example expand the business, generate sales, can they 'get' it – what the site is about. Chapter two is about defining your audience. Shows examples of sites about audience like Amazon and the 'buy it' button. With chapter three she has it about making your keyword list. Gives a small list of sites to help out with your own lists like Google AdWords and Wordtrackers. She tells you to have a look at the websites you like the best – your top five and borrow the things you like from them to use to yours. The book does go into building your site and as well to be personable. Along with building your site, it adds in that you can make a profit from your site, even if you are not selling products – like adding ads.
This is more of a how-to book, a step by step on how to build a website – it is a more WordPress pointed book. I would like to have seen more help with Blogger. It is more for the professional who wants to expand online and not just for a blogger who is a blog focused without an income part of their site. At the end, it does have a list of the sites used in the book. Which is nice so you do not have to go back in the book if you did not already note the website already. It is personable and informative. Many can have the understanding to build a website.