Friday, 12 January 2018

No Recipe by Edward Espe Brown

Before words is the introduction to the book. There is a relation to cooking and meals but it is the more spiritual point of view to the kitchen and cooking. A sense of the kitchen being a sacred space and zen place. Personal stories are in this book, I was not fully connected to this aspect of the book but is the point to the book. Abstract questions and statements are put into the book. Be aware this is not a cookbook, and does not have any in it. It is more of the connection you can have to cooking. If cooking is an important aspect of your life – this could be for you. If you are a person who brings zen practices into your life (because zen practice is the authors practice). This could also be a short book to look into. It is more spiritual and personal interactions. Tries to pull out the connection of that spirituality and cooking. There is information laced in the book. And how food and act of cooking and eating can affect us.

Since I do not have this type of connection or desire the type of connection to cooking or food as Mr Brown put into this book, I could not really relate. As well the almost life story he put into the book was somewhat hard for me to work my way through the book.