Sunday, 5 November 2017

Favourite Songs

Here are a few of my favourite songs. I am going to share five with you.

Here I Am – Bryan Adams
            This song introduced me to Bryan Adams. It is a song in the film “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.” I would after that try and listen for it on the radio. Then I received the soundtrack as a gift and I was so happy.

Straight From the Heart – Bryan Adams
            It is hard for me choose a favourite Bryan Adams song but this is a song that is up there. For some reason I like it. To me it is saying, say the things you want to say now or you may not get a chance later on. If you do are you willing to still say those things and still mean them. Or on the other hand find new meaning in that situation or relationship and say it if you get the chance to vocalize it and not keep it hidden.

Imbolc – Lisa Thiel
            This one really connected me to Brigid. It might not be for others, and other songs might be for them. But it connects me to her and what that day could be about.

Mary Did You Know – Kalan Porter
            It is his version of this song that I heard first. But after that I heard a few other versions, but only liked one or two more. Never thought I would really like a Christian/Christmas song but again I like his version. It is a nice soothing and meaningful song.

Ross Roy -  Jacob de Haan
            I had my first solo in honour band in this song, one person who did not come to practice and class that it came to me. The song is up beat and so much fun. If you are one to play it, it may look scary or not possible but it is possible and so much fun.