Saturday, 22 July 2017

Favourite YouTube Channels

In this post I am going to tell you a few of my favourite YouTube channels that I really like. These channels are my choice and may not be yours. But I suggest to possibly look into them because they can be of use from one time or another.

The first channel that I am mentioning is Kelly-Ann Maddox. Many of you have likely already watched at least one of her videos or already subscribed. So you guys know what I mean. She has many videos of tarot, but also videos that may help you in other ways. She has information about doing business, shadow work, self love and other topics. She is very informative and her energy is amazing. Some of her videos can get past thirty minutes but are worth it.

Next choice would be to look into DragonFeather369. There is a focus on wicca, witchcraft and dragons. She does go onto other topics as well and you can see the passion she has due to the fact she does it for her viewers. Some of the topics she does comes out of polls she does on her amnio app (The Hatchling Clan). Though she may be in her early twenties (right now of writing this post) but she has a lot to offer.

Cutewitch772 is another great YouTuber. She shows different aspects of her life/experiences and talks of different topics. She is part of the collaboration channel: the pagan perspective.

Samantha Valens is the YouTuber that did the final push to have me post my first video. But when I did so, she still had her ontherocks channel, and due to anothers actions – she does not have it. Yet she still came back and is amazing and really authentic.

This one is different then the ones above – doitonadime. Here she helps you with organization and finds from Dollar Tree. At time you will find she uploads recipes and other videos. Her videos, for the majority are not long, but not super short. She does have helpful hints, and you could modify to your situation. For anyone who likes dollar store and budget type videos her channel is one to look into.

Other Channels: