Thursday, 5 May 2016

Wax melts and warmer

I had got around July 2015 and I love it. It also acts a candle warmer, so it has two functions, I paid 16.99 plus tax. If I were to get them separately I would pay 6.99 plus tax for a candle jar warmer and then the seventeen for a wax warmer so it made sense to me to go the way I went. I have melted left over candle wax into melts, or used already melted Yankee Candle melts into a mold to use later – the scent is still there. Or pour the wax back into the container like the Ashland scents.

I am trying out molds, I have a pumpkin mold that does well and I have been using the squares from the Glade wax melts. Two molds that I have tried had a white residue on the mold and wax, so there was some reaction between the two.
It is also good to melt wax and make new candles, whether it is melts or the last bit of candle.