Thursday, 5 May 2016

Gods Eyes

Making God’s Eyes

It may seem like a craft to have a child do on a rainy day, school craft or camp craft. But I have found that making these to be therapeutic and calming for me. Also I am hoping to sell them in the near future. Yet I am all out of the chopsticks I like using and a good few balls of yarn waiting in a bin to be made into one of these hanging items. Each can mean one or more thing to a person, whether it is in the colour or that it is in the belief that it will bring strength and/or protection to the person, more effective if hung above a window or door.

To date I have made over one thousand God’s Eyes, which would account to under three and a half days if I had worked on these nonstop and did nothing else. I am proud I the work I did with them.

Also it is spiritual. Yes. To me it connects me to the goddess Brigid. I have found out recently that another name for these are Brigid eyes. But again the name and the craft itself has its own meaning to whomever owns it.