Friday, 29 December 2017

The Healing Powers of Tea by Cal Orey

Nine parts with chapters within. At the beginning of each chapter is a quote relating to tea. Talks about the different forms of tea (bag, loose, etc). It is very informative and a selection of information. It has recipes whether it is something to eat along with tea or tea infused. A whole chapter of the recipes is later but there are a few randomly put in the book. Two parts are labeled as black tea and white tea. Those cover a variety of teas that would fall under that. There is talk about other varieties of teas as well. As well there is a section on tea cures – 50 remedies, quick go through. The last part is resources, and they are quick. There are not many resources (retailers, specialty shops, and tea-related organizations).
A very nice book. A bit of history and a bit of information that can be helpful if want to bring tea more into your life.