Saturday, 17 June 2017

Goals for the Rest of the Year

As I am writing this, it is June and half of 2017 has gone. On YouTube, I have gained about three new subscribers – which I am thankful for, almost 70 people in about five years of YouTube. I have switched over to blogger and gained a few more follows on Instagram. And this is just on my social media pages.

Now, I am going to tell you what my goals for the rest of the year is. Hopefully get as much and more done before this year comes to an end. So my first goals relate to my YouTube channel. By the end of this month I hope to get seventy to seventy five subscribers. And on Instagram sixty to sixty five. So by December I hope that I reach my goal of one hundred subscribers, if not more. I hope to write more blog posts in back up so I upload them to you to read. The same goes for my videos for my channel – which is well on its way. There is a goal to get a better camera and have a better place to record. The weather is getting better in Canada, so hopefully I can do a few outside.

Non-social media related goals is to make plans and a timeline to go to Australia. I will go with my younger sister to work and travel for up to two years. We are working on making more money and saving so we can travel a lot in the future. Also I have complete two thirds of a goal – giving blood three times this year. So far I have done it twice, and I can do my third in August around the time I booked a week of vacation.

I am continuing the goal to read four books every month to get to my thirty book goal for the year – which I will soon reach and surpass. Every month so far but May I have done so. I am doing well because in the first two months I read more than enough to cover up that month. Also I am working on writing a book about King Ludwig II of Bavaria and participating or participate in the three Nanowrimo sessions. Which happen in April, July and the official one in November. You can check them out at if you want to kick start your writing.