Friday, 16 September 2016

The Mad King: the life and times of Ludwig II of Bavaria

Greg King, 1996, A Birch Lane Press Book, Published by Carol Publishing Group, N.J., USA

On the cover it does say “The Mad King a Biography of Ludwig II of Bavaria.” In this book he talks of the people (ex. Parents, governess, aide-de-camps) and surroundings (ex education, summer excursions) that made him who he was from early childhood into his later years. In some cases of how these made him “mad.” As well talks of what the people were doing at the same time of his life and how it mixed.

The book is more descriptive than the other books listed above. It does goes in chronological order in short chapters. Quick and easy with quotes integrated in, whether a sentence or a full quote. There is almost like story writing. Some photographs are in the book – all in black and white, could have been in colour.