Sunday, 10 September 2017

Two Halloween Books

Here are two children's books you can have a look at if fall and/or Halloween is on the top of one of the things you like/love.

“Halloween Forest,” by Marion Dane Bauer, illustrated by John Shelley
            Hardcover picture book I got in the Halloween section of Dollarama, I am sure one could get it elsewhere. On the inside cover it costs $16.95, where I got it was two dollars. It is a quick book, having only one to three (very) short sentences through out. The font is a font type making it go along with the story. The illustrations, repeated in different variations from page to page are nice and detailed. Because there is little writing, the illustrations take up the entire pages with some having a lot going on. Overall it is a quick and good book if you like having seasonal books or just a person who likes Halloween. It tells of a boy going through a forest that looks more like skeletons than a forest. It shows him going through it to finally getting to a house to trick or treat.

Halloween Forest11480310

“Trick or Treat, Marley,” by John Grogan, illustrated by Richard Cowdrey
            I also got this book at Dollarama for two dollars, where it would likely got around fifteen somewhere else. This is a hardcover book. The illustrations are more realistic than in the book above but just as detailed. This one follows a family and their dog Marley who wants to help in the Halloween celebrations. But gets in more trouble than is helping. But there is moments, like the end where Marley is a help. It is a cute story and good for anyone who likes dogs.