Friday, 11 November 2016

Early Bird or Night Owl?

I have been looking for journal prompts recently because I want to get into writing in a journal, and one of the pdfs that I found was more of blog prompts than journal entries. I somewhat looked over these but one was one that I wanted to do a blog post on: early bird or night owl?

As I am writing this, it is 10:15pm and watching a program called art of war. My mind seems to wake up and thinking weird things, remember what I forgot and what I want to do the next day or plan for the week or whatever. Yet if I need to go out and get things done, I want to get out as early as possible and get it done and go home. In the evening and at night, that is when I get things like this post, reading and other work. I feel more awake at night than I do in the morning. I feel more productive, even when i fall into playing a game on facebook. Also, I feel things fall more into place at night, I am alone – as one can by the amount of “I's” in this document.

The sunset awhile ago, but I always find it beautiful and more of a starting point. One would think that of the sunrise, yes but more for work or to get the stuff I want to get done – going out wise out of the way. At night I can really embrace that I am a person that gets stuff done at night. I am not one to go out and have fun at night, it really it not me. I would rather read fanfiction and work on videos – though some are filmed during the day, natural light and all.

Are you a night owl or early bird?