Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Candle Colour - Red


Planet: Mars Day: Tuesday Energy: Male Colors: Red Used for: Lust, physical desire, base energy, war, attracts and magnetizes, courage, enemies, danger. Red stimulates and energizes. Energy, strength, passion, fast action, career goals, driving force, survival, blood of the Moon, health, love, fertility, protection, will power; increases magnetism in rituals; draws Aries and Scorpio energy.

Red is a fiery color that attracts and magnetizes, but must be used with discernment to avoid disastrous results. The shade of red used or considered in your magickal act will be of extreme importance here. Stay with the lighter, brighter shades of red and leave the darker shades for the more experienced practitioners for now. The darker shades are for wars, battles, hate and danger. The element of fire. God symbol. South Cardinal Point.

Exorcism, sex, power, romantic atmosphere, vigor, sexual love, bodily strength, physical energy. Conquers fear, strength in battle, heals anemia or when there has been blood loss, builds strength and power for those weakened by fatigue. Always connected to blood, birth and death. Increases magnetism in rituals and is used in defensive magick. Also emotes courage and enthusiasm. Good in health, strength and vigor spells and defensive magick. Used in healing neuralgias and exhaustion.

Cherry reds: for physical and mental lovemaking, but without the brutal force of the darker hues.
Ruby Red: Love or anger of a passionate nature
Light Red - Deep affection of a non-sexual nature