Saturday, 18 June 2016

“The Swan King Ludwig II of Bavaria,” Christopher McIntosh

I find great interest with King Ludwig. This is a book I have found years ago for a school project. This edition I got awhile back so I could have a copy of my own. Here is a review of the book - I also did a video on my YouTube channel.
“The Swan King Ludwig II of Bavaria,” Christopher McIntosh, new revised edition 2012, I. B. Tauris

It was first published in 1982, and had a few published editions since. A few images place in the middle of the book. He has a preface to the 2012 edition and of what has happened since his first edition of the book in 1982. With the limited English books of biographies that I found available to me, I feel that McIntosh does a very good job st describing his life from birth, to his relationship with Richard Wagner, Sophie to the wars he had to deal with to his castle and death, as well as after his death. If looking for direct quotes it is not the book; there is a merge of quotes and retelling to a way telling it almost as a story with no dialogue. But it is a good thing that he has done this because the reader gets the information straight up and no interruptions of the quotes, whether it is just a line or letter, even an image. Any book related to Ludwig is good, and any book about him is great.